Fatherhood Resources


Fatherhood is not always easy or natural; yet, each father can be an effective, nurturing and caring force in the lives of his children. No matter his age or station in life, nearly every man steps into his fatherhood role with the desire to give his best. San Antonio Fatherhood Campaign has learned through its male development programs, that there is a need to positively affirm fathers in their familial roles. Therefore, the San Antonio Fatherhood Campaign is dedicated to all fathers: The father in a two-parent household who wants to do the best for his family, The single father who is sometimes separated from his children, The stepfather, who accepts and cares for children who were not his from birth, The teen parent, an unexpected father, who longs to learn the ways of fatherhood, The grandparent, who brings knowledge and wisdom to younger family members, The foster or kinship father, who accepts the role of surrogate parent for children whose biological father is absent. The adoptive father, who accepts and cares for a child not biologically his, but nurtures and loves as his own.


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